Schnitte in Raum und Zeit (Voss) (2DVD)

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The work of the film editors doesn't take place in the public. We only see the finished film as a result of several weeks' concentrated work in the editing. In documentary films very often even the narrative structure is created during the editing process. The editor is the co-author of the film, he deals with rhythm, composition, the relation of space and time.

On this 2DVD set Gabriele Voss, director and editor herself, talks with renown German editors, an expert on brain reactions and the filmmaker and philosopher Alexander Kluge about pictures and sound, chaos and order, handcraft and magic, rules and tricks.
Clips from selected films like Abschied von gestern / Yesterday Girl or Lola rennt / Run, Lola, Run illustrate the statements. "The finishing touch of a film is done in the editing. This gives the editor a great responsibility. The slightest decision can change the whole mood of the film. That's the fascination of film editing." (Mathilde Bonnefoy, editor of Run, Lola, Run).

Schnitte in Raum und Zeit / Cuts in Space and Time, 74'
directed, written and edited by: Gabriele Voss
photographed by: Christoph Hübner
with: Bettina Böhler, Mathilde Bonnefoy, Elfi Kreiter, Beate Mainka-Jellinghaus, Alexander Kluge, Peter Przygodda, Wolf Singer, Wolfgang Widerhofer
produced by: Christoph Hübner Filmproduktion, Germany 2006
Wolf Singer: Perception / Construction
Alexander Kluge: Narration and Montage
Beate Mainka-Jellinghaus: Anything Is Possible
Mathilde Bonnefoy: The Nuance Is the Meaning
Bettina Böhler: Rhythm / Breath / Emotion
Peter Przygodda: Tools / Interfaces
Alexander Kluge: Documentary / Feature Film
Elfi Kreiter: To Cut / Not to Cut
Wolfgang Widerhofer: In Praise of Fragments
Mainka-Jellinghaus, Böhler, Bonnefoy, Widerhofer, Kreiter, Przygodda: It All Depends On ...
Wolf Singer: Epilogue

Additional interviews, 126':
Alexander Kluge: Context, When Montag Is Impossible, Montage / Techniques, Montage / Plateau-Formed, Montage in Documentaries
Beate Mainka-Jellinghaus: Working with Werner Herzog and Alexander Kluge, Text and Commentary, Montage Whilst Shooting
Mathilde Bonnefoy: The First Screening, Floating Attentiveness, Rough Cut / Fine Cut, On Using Music, On Working with Sound, The Last Word on a Film
Elfi Kreiter: Working with Georg Stefan Troller, On Using Special Effects, On Using Music, On UsingLanguage, Respect and Responsibility
Brigitte Kirsche: Talking Heads / Working with Eberhard Fechner, Material / Appropriation, Acoustic Fades
Barbara Hennings: Emotions / Breath / Breaks, On Using Music, The Potential of Sound
Nikolaus Geyrhalter and Wolfgang Widerhofer: Teamwork / I Bettina Böhler: Teamwork / II
Mainka-Jellingshaus, Barthelmes, Kirsche, Widerhofer, Bonnefoy, Przygodda: Learning to Cut I - VI

12 page booklet with filmographies of all the editors and filmmakers

DVD edited by: Filmmuseum München, Dokumentarfilmintitiative im Filmbüro NW, and Goethe-Institut München

16:9 (PAL) / 1.78:1 / Dolby Digital 2.0 / language: German / subtitles English

  • EF12

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