DREAM AMSTERDAM 2007 - Spencer Tunick (de Cloe)

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With the art manifestation DREAM AMSTERDAM, Dream Amsterdam Foundation yearly gives a renowned contemporary visual artist the opportunity to use the city of Amsterdam as a source of inspiration, studio, material, décor and exhibition space. In 2007, New York based visual artist Spencer Tunick (1967) was selected to create large-scale site-specific art projects and installations for DREAM AMSTERDAM.

Spencer Tunick has acclaimed fame internationally with his installations of large masses of nude participants within the public space. The creation of his installations can be compared to impressive film sets or performances, with Tunic as director.
In a mysterious morning ritual, hundreds to thousands of people voluntarily undress themselves, take several by Tunick indicated positions, and wait patiently until all is documented. Tunick’s ongoing art project is a symbol for freedom. His images are abstractions that challenge to look differently towards nudity and privacy. His photographs and videos are the witnesses of these public events.

DREAM AMSTERDAM started in April 2007, with a secret pre-installation in a tulip field in a small town called Schermerhorn. In June 2007, Amsterdam was the decor of his larger installations. This making of DVD shows unique images and never seen behind the scenes footage of the installations Spencer Tunick made for Dream Amsterdam Foundation.

director: Mark de Cloe
producer: Jamain Brigitha

DVD5 / R0 / 16:9 / color / sound: Dolby 2.0 / total length 52 min. / English spoken

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