Anders als du und ich (Harlan)

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It was Veit Harlan, the protégé of Joseph Goebbels and the director of the anti-Semitic propaganda film Jud Süß, who dared to do a film about a controversial taboo in 1957: the German penal code's Paragraph 175 which sentenced German homosexual men to jail terms for "unnatural vice between men."

Anders als du und ich is not only a film about homosexuality, it also deals with the rebellion of young people against the restorative Germany after the Second World War and with the problems of a mother who broke the law to do "the right thing".

The DVD contains the censored version as well as a comparison with the original version Das dritte Geschlecht, a cut scene and production stills.

Anders als du und ich (1957), 92'
Deleted scene and scene-by-scene comparison with the original version Das dritte Geschlecht 40'
Press photos and lobby cards
DVD-ROM features for PC with original documents (in German)
DVD edited by: Filmmuseum München, Goethe-Institut München

4:3 (PAL) / 1.37:1 / Dolby Digital 2.0 / German language / English subtitles

tags: gay

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